A disaster of a big magnitude is foreseen by different studies. Although some of them are hypothetical, a quick consensus should be arrived between Kerala and Tamilnadu in settling this burning issue. The core of the matter should be safety for Kerala and water to Tamilnadu(As Oommen Chandy puts in). The politicians from both sides (especially the Dravida Parties) should not allow sensationalism and in turn hatred to take upper hand in the issue. There are almost 15-25 lacs Malayalees living in major cities of Tamilnadu and a good no. of Tamils living in Kerala. Nothing should happen that would jeopardize their existence.  All the people who spread hatred in social media in connection with Mulaperiyar issue should stop it and should behave with common sense. The Prime Minister, I hope, will intervene and find an amicable solution to this issue that is acceptable to both the parties!

                                      And finally, a word about DAM 999. One of the film critics who watched this movie said that this isn’t even a main stream movie and it needs all the commotion around to attract the audience. Claim of “Hollywoodness” of the movie is just bogus. All the articles published in newspapers and magazines on this movie before the release seem to be highly propagandized ones.  It seems to be yet another lame movie that would attract people as in the case of “Krishnanum Radhayum” just for everything except quality.

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